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Here at Bread espresso bar, we are all about community and we love to make people feel welcome and comfortable.

Exceptional service, great food, fantastic beverages and value.

We are a neighbour. An escape. A welcoming. A friend. A meeting place. An office. We are home.


Passionate about homemade food at Bread espresso bar,

chef-made for you to enjoy!

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Our Cafe

Here at Bread espresso bar we are all about our community and we love to make people feel welcome and comfortable.  Exceptional service, beautiful food, fantastic beverages and great value.



Bread prides itself on great customer service, quality food, Italian roasted coffee & a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Bread espresso bar chefs create a wide range of home-made food which includes house-made hash browns, corned silverside, hollandaise sauce, spelt pancakes, breakfast bhaji, dill pickled chicken, granola and chia pudding just to name a few. Bread also bakes a range of imported French bread and pastries which are also featured throughout the breakfast & lunch menu. Bread has a great range of morning and afternoon tea items with a huge range being gluten-free, there are also gluten-free options throughout the main menu.